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Commissioned paintings.

If you prefer a custom made painting you can request a
commissioned artwork. We will come to an original idea together shaped to your liking. Below you see several commissioned paintings created
for private collectors.

When interested please email me at

The last supper of abundance.

4x2 meter Oilpainting.

This modern version of the last supper carries several elements da vinci's version into a modern day society version. From plastic fast food bags and dunkin donuts to botox and drag queens.

This oilpainting took 4 months to complete. 

Mashael Fal

A feminine discovery in Saudi Arabia.

A trip to Saudi to paint a gorgeous woman from Jeddah. Resulting in an Artwork that brings cultures and femininity together.

King Steph

Bronx New York

Meeting @Allhailkingsteph aka Stephany Hurley in Miami was destiny for my inspiration. 

This ultra feminine being blew my mind and I had to do a project with her as my muse. 


Little Amsterdam Queen 

A commissioned work for a six yr old queen with a lot of glitter and fun. 

grootzwaaftink def.jpg

Family portrait

A fab family portrait.

An out of the box commissioned

work for a family of four

On my youtube channel you find more video's and below you see other commissioned works.

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