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Public speaking.

Maudy loves to take part in conversations and presentations at public or online events. Next to her survival story of her almost fatal car accident that triggered her to start her artistic career she also loves to talk and inform starting artist about creating a solid artistic career, painters skill assets and concept building.

Not to forget conversations about inclusivity in art and society. 

 Listen dutch interview for LGBTQIA+ expo

Museum de Waag Deventer.

Left: Paneltalk

Queers in Art - Kunsthal Rotterdam -

Rotterdam Pride

For inquiries mail to:

See full video of the paneltalk.

Art class.

Every year Alferink organises a two day art program in which she teaches portrait painting. 

This class has a very solid program of steps. Therefor it is accesible for all types of painters, from beginners to pro's.  We deal with subjects like light, proportions, oilpaint techniques, portraiture, and color theory.

Private classes or custom workshops on location on are possible too. 

If interested please email to:

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