Maudy Alferink Gallery

The gallery is solely focused on the individual work

of Maudy Alferink. Advance booking required. For sales enquiries or to organise a virtual viewing contact us.

(The Netherlands)

Hyperrealistic oilpainter


Empowering the qualities of the feminine being, translated to hyperrealistic contemporary à la mode oilpaintings, Alferink makes a constructive statement in her work.


Admiring the European classical masters, Alferink studied their skills and created her self-taught techniques to come to a result that can be placed in-between exquisite classical realism and hyperrealism.


Group Exhibition Deventer Bergkerk 2014

Amsterdam Fashion Hotel 2015

Buro Dertig Utrecht Exhibition 2015

Gallery Loco moco Haarlem 2016

Gallery Zwollle 2016

Gallery Blob Groningen 2017

Gerard te Wierik Gallery 2017

Martiniplaza Groningen 2017

Deventer Schouwburg Gallery 2018

Art Dubai 2018

Open Garden Gallery Deventer 2018

Bram de Krosse Expo Raalte 2019

BAUT Amsterdam 2019

Scope Art Fair Miami 2019

Photography by Roderik Patijn