Hi, This is me Maudy Alferink. 

A short chit chat about how I do what I do an how I am who I am. Since I could hold a pencil I would draw. That counts for almost every artist I think. My parents let me paint on their walls and windows over and over again. I loved the way the light came true the paint on the windows.

After secondary school I went to creative school Cibap and graduated on presentation and communication. After that I went to Artemis Styling academy where I developed a big passion for materials and structures in fashion. I also loved learning about trend watching.

In my graduation year I started my own small company which grew to my own fashion label Legguns. (www.legguns.com) I designed the most crazy prints for my items and I produced everything by hand with my 5 interns.

I also participated in the Dutch Tv show "Hollands best fashion designers" and got the second place.
Later on more and more entertainment customers started asking my help, so I landed in the costume world. Here I was finally able to go completely out of the box with my designs. This seemed  to be my booming business and within a year I was working on almost every big festival and outspoken party in the country. I did all the entertainment from arranging dancers to costumes to make up to painting big wall decorations and was working 24/7. 

Until the 14th of august 2014. 
This day Changed my life. I was involved in a big car crash where a big truck hit our car when we were waiting in traffic delay.
To make a very long complicated story short: I am still struggling with the effects of broken and dislocated body parts what makes it hard for me to walk normal daily distances or to use a normal daily doses of energy. Next to that I had some brain damage what makes me incapable to work under stress or pressure.
1,5 months after the accident when I could first sit instead of lying down, I picked up the pencil. I painted myself true the rehabilitation centre and all my ongoing therapies.
That is still where I am today. Actually I am very thankful for all of this to happen. It made me see what and who I really love in my life. Some special diamonds I know I will never ever let go in my life ever.

And from the moment I took the time to paint the things I love most in life, not caring about if anyone would like it, I found myself making my most exclusive and special works.
I never was interested in making just beautiful girls and faces. The world has enough of them. I like to make something memorable. 

From this point I see myself as super happy and exited to keep on developing myself and my art to higher levels. I would love to find out every little precious material in the world and create from there. I hope I can make people smile with my work. 

Thank you for your time and feel free to contact me on:

+31 621217332

using allyou.net